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  • Nature is our healer.
    Feng Shui helps us find the elements of nature that will empower us physically and spiritually. For thousands of centuries the Chinese have believed that heaven is actually a place on earth. And so they watched. And waited. And studied. What they eventually discovered was the powerful art of placement called Feng Shui, a tool whereby nature is the gateway to a better place right here in front of us. A place where there is full expression in all areas of life: health, wealth, marriage, career, knowledge, fame, family, friends and children.

  • Feng Shui Elements should be used wisely.
    A qualified practitioner should perform a Feng Shui Consultation. Used incorrectly, the Feng Shui Elements can cause harm to relationships, health, or money prosperity. When used correctly, Feng Shui Elements can strengthen relationships, health, and money.



Properties of Earth

Properties of Wood
Properties of Fire
Properties of Metal
Properties of Water
Color= yellow

Color= green

Color= red Color=white Color= black
Season= Indian Summer Season= Spring Season= Summer Season= Autumn Season= Winter
Room= Dining Room Room= Kitchen Room= Living Room Room= Bedroom Room= Bathroom
Shape= Flat/square Shape=Columnar Shape=Pointed Shape=Dome/arch Shape= Irregular

Many people today who have heard about Feng Shui have heard about the Five Elements. These elements; Earth, Wood, Fire, Metal and Water are the foundation theory for Feng Shui balance. Using the Feng Shui Elements properly and in the correct proportion is what separates a Feng Shui Master from a student. The following is a brief description of each of the Feng Shui Elements and how they might be applied.
Many times Earth is recommended for a larger environmental solution. In this case large granite boulders, or a beautiful clay statue can be used. Terra-cotta pots filled with potting soil make a great Earth remedy. Earth also represents
The wood element is the beginning of new life. Just as spring brings new plants and new life, wood is the originator of the Five Element cycle. A shrub or bushy plant is ideal since it emits live Chi and is also an excellent method of retaining Chi. Wood can be represented by the color green.
The Fire Element is the most "Yang" of the elements. It is the hot summer or a blast of heat. In Feng Shui, we usually use a candle or the color of red. A red night-light or table lamps with a red shade make excellent Fire remedies.
The most common solution, Metal can be found in all forms. Copper, Silver, Gold, and Bronze are a few variations of the Metal Element. Using the Metal Element can take on all sorts of creative ideas. Like a cast silver deer or a bronze plate hung on the wall. The key thing to remember about Feng Shui Elements is it is about creating a beautiful environment. When utilizing the Metal Element, ensure that it is rounded and pleasing, not sharp and pointed.
Water is what gives life on our planet. Without it, we would not exist. Our bodies are mostly water. In Feng Shui Elements, Water is a very useful element. Water, when needed, should be clear and flowing. A simple aquarium, or even a small "metal" fountain can be used. Water has always been synonymous with power. Water has been used as an elemental solution by the emperors in the form of moats and by placing their palaces near bodies of Water. If you look at most capital cities today, they are either located near the water or have large lakes or rivers nearby. Most ocean-side and lakeside homes are sought after and usually more expensive. Water can be represented by the colors blue or black.

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